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Administration related to compensation

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Surcharge payment online

Surcharge payment online by bank card.

You can pay the surcharge here .

Surcharge administration

Call Center:
Phone number: +36 1 9 200 310

E-mail: ugyfelszolgalat@fevix.hu
Mailing address: 1463 Budapest, Pf.: 1196

1093 Budapest, Lónyay utca 13/a.

Opening hours:

Monday: 9:00 – 17:00
Tuesday: 9:00 – 17:00
Wednesday: 9:00 – 18:00
Thursday: 9:00 – 17:00
Friday: 9:00 – 16:00
Lunchtime: 12:00 – 12:30

Options for parking fee payment

The parking fee must be paid when you start parking. The maximum parking time limit is 180 minutes in all pay zones, except for zone D, so you can continuously park your vehicle for maximum three hours at a designated parking space that is subject to payment. (You can also find this information on the parking machines.)

Cash payment at the parking machines

The installed machines (DG4, Stelio, PSA 1256) accept all Hungarian coins at a value of HUF 5 and above. The use of the ticket machines is assisted with diagrams and operating instructions. At the ticket machine you can find all the information you need to buy a parking ticket and to place it on the car.

How to pay:  First, insert the coins but make sure that the machine accepts maximum 25 or 30 coins (this information is also indicated on the ticket machine). If you insert more coins, the machine automatically returns them.
The display continuously shows the expiry of the parking time corresponding to the amount inserted into the machine. When you reach the desired parking time, you can request a ticket by pressing the green button.
Place the parking ticket behind the front windscreen of the vehicle, at a place where the whole ticket and its validity is clearly visible and can be read from the outside.” (Decree 30/2010 of the Municipal Assembly of Budapest)

Location of the ticket machines

Payment by mobile phone

The National Mobile Payment System provides mobile parking through 5 service providers:

  • the three mobile service providers
    • Magyar Telekom Nyrt.
    • Yettel Magyarország Zrt.
    • Vodafone Magyarország Zrt.
  • mPark  – www.mpark.hu
  • evopay – www.evopay.hu

Mobile parking by phone call can only be started for a registration number that was already pre-registered at the www.nemzetimobilfizetes.hu site.
Start: +36 1 989 ZONE or any other telephone numbers given by the service providers.
After the call a female voice confirms the successful start of parking: “We have processed your request to start parking. Your parking has started.”
Stop: call the +36 1 989 ZONE or any other phone numbers given by the service providers
After the call, a male voice confirms the successful termination of your parking: “We have processed your request to stop parking. We have stopped your parking.”

You can start parking  for any registration number by sending an SMS message.
Start: send an SMS to +36 30 344 4805 or to any other phone numbers given by the service providers
Küldendő Text of the SMS to be sent: ZONE Registration number
Stop: send an SMS to 36 30 344 4806 or to any other phone numbers given by the service providers
Text of the SMS to be sent: STOP

The freely downloadable mobile payment applications are available via the QR code on the NMFR (National Mobile Payment System) parking zone stickers or from the http://app.nemzetimobilfizetes.hu.
If you wish to park or make a purchase by using the mobile application, you can do so without pre-registration by a bank card registered through the application of Nemzeti Mobilfizetési Zrt.
The application allows you to start and stop parking and to transfer the parking fee immediately.
Corporate customers also have the option to pay later with the evopay and mPark companies. In this case you can start parking with a phone call.
It is important to note that mPark also accepts parking requests by calling the green number 06 80 without any communication costs. The parking service of evopay can be started by calling a Budapest phone number, just like in the case of Nemzeti Mobilfizetési Zrt.
Fund for mobile purchases:  the balance can be topped up by transfer or bank card..

You can also top up the balance automatically  at evopay and at Nemzeti Mobilfizetési Zrt, for which OTP Bank provides support. If the balance falls below the level that the customer predetermined, the amount given by the customer will be topped up. The cover for the balance is available on the account belonging to the registered bank card.

For more information, call+36 1 989 0000 or visit the www.nemzetimobilfizetes.hu website.

The technical conditions for paying parking fees by mobile phone are provided byNemzeti Mobilfizetési Zrt.